Editors’ Note

September 22, 2022

Dear Friends,

Here at MoonPark, the air is crisp and a sprinkling of brown leaves fall from the trees already. In western New York, things change fast in September. Still reeling from an overactive summer with major life changes, career shifts, and family health scares – mood swings have been rapid and vast in our realm.

So too, in our inbox…art mirrors the world.

Here in the 21st issue of MoonPark Review, the sun threatens to either scorch our eyes or leave us entirely in darkness while the Instagram dancers hypnotize and entertain us. Witches fall in love and grant wishes while we shield ourselves from truths we cannot face. The bird won’t flee from its comfortable cage but George Thorogood inspires a duet and the famous golden arches offer strange solace. There is real death and the threat of death. There is deep love, the hint of new love, and the wisp of love long past.

Welcome to MoonPark Review Issue 21. We are grateful to our contributors for sharing their words with us, and proud to now share them with all of you.

Warm Regards,
Mary Lynn & Lesley Weston-Reed