Georgia Bellas, The Wolf Wears Jeggings (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Jeff Burt, These Things I Keep (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Steve Campbell, A Whisper of Words (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Chloe N. Clark, Spoken Like Tongues (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Nicholas Cook, A Photographic Study in Grief (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Christina Dalcher, And If We Could Dance Backwards (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Christopher M. Drew, Glasgow Coma Scale (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Pat Foran, What We Think We Know at This Hour About the Broad Shoulders of Joan Crawford When She Rises After a Restless Night (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Samuel J. FoxNight Moves (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Howie GoodThe Crises of Capitalism (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Melissa Goode, Dolce Vita (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Lee Hamblin

Michael Harshbarger, Cut by Cut (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Dennis Herbert, My Dearest, My Long Lost {VR user}:KPOPFLOWERGRL, PLEASE READ (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Patti Jazanoski, The Hole (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Michele Finn Johnson, Birth Marks (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Gaynor Jones, Business As Usual (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Gregory Kane, A Dinner Party In Two Acts (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Charles Lennox, A Man Without a Vineyard (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Kim Magowan, Family Reunion: Inventories (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Jayne Martin, Tender Cuts (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Catherine McNamara, My Thoughts Concerning Letizia (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Jeff Nazzaro, Going to Disneyland (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Rob Parrish, Phantom Captured on the AM Radio (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Emily Pierce,  Big Island (A Dream) (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

JC Reilly, In Which My Pet Dino…(Three Micros) (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Michelle Ross, Family Reunion: Inventories (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

C.C. Russell, Sacrament (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Marvin ShackelfordPale (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Aditya Shankar, Mechanical Nirvana and Whose is this Song? (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Adrian SlonakerWeekend Getaway (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Ben Slotky, It Is Cold and Night (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Jan Elman Stout, Perfect Cover (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Liz Falkingham Temple, The Colours of Leaving (Issue 2, Winter 2018)

Daniel W. Thompson, Tell Me A Story (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Cathy UlrichThe Boy From The Moon (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Clio Velentza, Under the Veil (Issue 1, Fall 2017)

Jennifer Wortman, Big Enlightenment (Issue 3, Spring 2018)

Joseph Young, Denominations (Issue 1, Fall 2017)