Congratulations to the MoonPark Review contributors who have been honored as winners, finalists, and appeared on long-lists for anthologies and other ‘best-of’ lists!

2022 WigLeaf Top 50 Longlist

TLC by Any Kandikuppa

Hero With a Big Sword by Alex Miller

Best Microfiction 2022

Wobble by Peter Anderson

Canvas by Scott Garson

2021 Wigleaf Top 50

Raw Bar by Rose McMackin

Center and Second by C.C. Russell

Best Small fictions 2021 anthology selection

Unarmed by Abdulbaseet Yusuff

2020 Best of the net Finalist

Epistle #32 by Ross McMeekin

Best Microfiction 2020

Dissolve by Santino Prinzi

Cubism by Daryl Scroggins

2020 Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist

How Cold the Morning, How Heavy the Waltz by Pat Foran

BFFs by Jayne Martin

BIFFY 50 (Best British and Irish Flash Fiction) 2018-2019

The Pelt Collector by Gaynor Jones

Best Microfiction 2019

Breathlessness by Claire Polders

Best Small Fictions 2018 Finalist

The Wolf Wears Jeggings by Georgia Bellas   (Winner’s List)

2018 Wigleaf Top 50

The Wolf Wears Jeggings by Georgia Bellas

We’re also extremely proud of all the stories and prose poems we have nominated for a variety of awards and honors:

MoonPark Review Award Nominations

Congratulations, All!