Issue 23, Spring 2023

Editors’ Note

The Last Dinosaur Egg on Earth by Jennifer Lai

I’ve stashed an envelope with five $100 bills, for the day you call by Cole Beauchamp

Funeral for a Dead Sparrow by Margaret McGowan

A Sheet Cake Dropped in the Rain by Bobby Parrott

The Yeti Who Lives Alone In The California Suburbs by Eliot Li

It’s Your World by Jean Ryan

Real Things that Have Happened to Me at Gas Stations by Jeffrey Hermann

Time and Tide by Gaynor Jones

The Convalescent Soldier by Chris Haven

Bird of Open Landscapes by Kathryn Ganfield

At the Witch’s House by Nicole Desjardins Gowdy

Leap by Christopher M. Drew

Overheard in the AI Chatroom by Steven French