Captain, My Captain

By Sheree Shatsky

My spirit guide is a Navy man. Retired. We meet at Starbucks once a month to check in.

SIX_B909B5EF-6412-4FBC-966D-80E0366430E3He tends to draw a crowd. The baristas call him Captain Espresso and rub his rattlesnake epaulet for luck. He once downplayed his regimented look, pairing his military-issue blue coat trimmed in gold with a pair of jeans, but he’s put in for a transfer and wears the formal 1777 uniform complete with the white waistcoat and white breeches every chance he gets.

He is working toward reincarnation. Once the Big Guy signs his orders, he’s off to be reborn. Not to worry, he tells me. Paperwork can take hundreds of years. Should a womb become available, he assures me someone of equal rank and stature will step in and take his place.

We first connected during a Meet Your Spirit Guide meditation. He commandeered his sloop past a Tibetan monk and an Egyptian priestess to introduce himself as the best guide to chart my celestial course. “I’ll miss you, John,” I tell him. “And I you, milady.” He bows deep, his broad-brimmed hat placed over his gold-buttoned revolutionary heart.

Sheree Shatsky writes short fiction believing much can be conveyed with a few wild words. She was selected by the AWP Writer to Writer Mentorship Program as a Spring 2018 mentee for flash fiction. Recent work has appeared in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, KYSO Flash, Fictive Dream and X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine with work forthcoming in Crack the Spine and the KYSO Flash Anthology, Accidents of Life. Read more of her work at  She tweets @talktomememe.

Art by Lesley C. Weston (Digital)

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