Editors’ Note

 June 21, 2019

Dear Beloved Readers and Friends,

Summer is here again, and this one is particularly poignant for us at MoonPark Review. On June 8th, dear readers, the MoonPark Review editorial team got married! That’s right, friends. We are now officially a family operation — legally wed spouses as well as literary journal co-editors.

As many of you know, our quarterly publication schedule follows the change of seasons, with new issues appearing at the four corners of the year — the solstices and equinoxes. We’ve kept this pattern for two years and its engrained enough in us now that it sets the tempo of our lives. To say that the past few months have been “busy” for us would be a rather significant understatement. As we made our selections for Issue Eight, we planned a wedding, worried through familial illnesses, sorted through miles of old papers, packed carloads of donations, and hovered over our phones checking emails from old friends, a soon-to-be new employer, and real estate agents in three different states.

We danced down the aisle, celebrated with family and friends, and finally, found some relaxation by the sunny seashore, all the while sharing, making, curating and loving art and literature.

It is no wonder that the stories in Issue 8 of MoonPark Review span the cosmic and microcosmic, the small and momentous moments, the tragic and comical. We wallow and we dance, we sing praise and we scream curses, we laugh till our noses run. We live and we die. And isn’t it a miracle that we have art to make sense and nonsense of it all?

Welcome to Issue 8, MoonPark Review. We are grateful to our amazing contributors, for sharing their wonderful stories and prose poems with us, and we are excited to present them to you here, in these pages we call home.

Happy Summer 2019!

Warm Regards,
Mary Lynn & Lesley