Editors’ Note

December 21, 2021

Dear MoonParkers,

Chicken Little may be correct. Certainly, over the course of the last two years, we have, at times, felt as though the sky was falling. And yet, we’ve persisted, publishing prose as the tumult continued — because through it all, the stories and prose poems in our queue, and the writers who’ve kept submitting, inspired us. The pieces we’ve published over the past two years, the art that has been made, all of it restores us with hope. We are grateful for the connection, here in our small corner of the literary world, to all the shimmering, glimmering, and yes, sometimes dark, moody, and anxious, creatives out there. We are grateful to wake every day and to occupy this space in the wide strange world we sometimes don’t recognize, and yet still, we love. As we say farewell to the dissonant grinding chords of 2021, we hold firm to our conviction that this project, our MoonPark Review, is just the right-size umbrella we need to keep the falling sky off our heads.

Bless you writers, one and all.

Bless you readers, most of all.

Our latest compilation of short prose gems awaits your feasting, here in Issue 18 of MoonPark Review.

Mary Lynn & Lesley Weston-Reed