Editors’ Note

December 21, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Of all the things we love about curating and editing MoonPark Review, we have to confess that writing the Editors’ Notes is often not on the list. Truth be told, we sometimes dread it. We walk around the house grumbling — What are we going to say this time? Does anyone actually read these things? We’ve seen the page counts, of course. So, if you’re reading this, we expect there’s a good chance you’re a close friend or you might even be related to one of us…so, “Hi!” (picture us waving giddily at the screen — apropos of 2020).

Ah, 2020, and the amplification of our Editors’ Note dread. 

This is the fourth issue of MoonPark Review we’ve published in COVID times. We hope — we pray — this trend changes soon, but for this particular year, each of our Editors’ Notes is indelibly marked with the specific emotional shards of the season. 

Spring saw the beginning, the harsh realization of the isolation just as it set in. 

With Summer came despair and anger, too many lives cut too short, by an unrelenting virus, and unspeakable violence. Black Lives Matter. 

Fall saw our 13th Issue published in the shadow of unbearable anxiety, so many of us collectively holding our breath, counting the days, hours, minutes — wishing and hoping for hope and positive change to prevail. 

And now, Winter is here. It is cold, the days are short, and we are all so very tired. But when the sun shines on a bank of white snow, there is no brighter light. 

Here at MoonPark, we’re ready to make a new start. To say goodbye to 2020 and forge ahead. If you’re still reading this, thank you, and maybe you’re not even related to one of us. Maybe you’re just another human on this shaky planet, seeking words and images that help bridge the awful chasm that could easily swallow us all.

This is our 14th issue of our beloved literary baby. And while we may dread writing the Editors’ Note, that’s the only part of our editorial process that feels even remotely like work. The rest is pure love and passion. Click ahead and behold: thirteen fantastic writers and thirteen spectacular prose pieces. And a beautiful cover photograph taken by a dear friend. (Thank you, Brad!)

Enjoy, Friends, and Be Well. 

Warmest Wishes for a Bright New Year,
Mary Lynn & Lesley Weston-Reed