By Tara Isabel Zambrano

After the spacecraft leaves our village, our pond and lakes glow at night, as if they are fitted with lamps. The water in our earthen pots, in our glasses, looks iridescent. We stare into the sky, our eyeballs darker than outer space, soaking all that light, never letting us sleep.

Tara Isabel Zambrano is the author of Death, Desire And Other Destinations, a full-length flash collection by Okay Donkey Press. Her work has won the first prize in The Southampton Review Short Short Fiction Contest 2019, a second prize in Bath Flash Award 2020, been a Finalist in Bat City Review 2018 Short Prose Contest and Mid-American Review Fineline 2018 Contest. She lives in Texas and is the Fiction Editor for Waxwing Literary Journal.

Art by Lesley C. Weston (Mixed Media)

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