Editors’ Note

September 23, 2019

Dear Friends,

The seasons are changing again and with that, we bring you another chapter in our journey, and another issue of MoonPark Review. Some regard Fall as the waning, and Winter as the slumber before new life bursts forth. We think of this season with the shortening days and the glistening leaves as the time of gathering together to nurture and protect the seeds of new life hidden beneath the surface.

As we launch Issue 9, Fall 2019, we reflect back to our beginnings. We embarked on this literary journey two years ago, with Issue 1, Fall 2017. We prepared our debut issue as we explored the shape and wonder of our courtship. Over the months and seasons since, our commitment to each other, and to our literary/artistic love-child, has grown and deepened and perhaps even, morphed into the miraculous.

We adore curating this journal together, and we are proud of the unique elements we try to bring to the endeavor. We’re proud of the fact that we move swiftly, consistently providing fast response times to submissions, and that we are also blessed with the ability to take our time: publishing quarterly allows us to carefully develop and refine original artistic illustrations to accompany every story and poem we publish.

The irony is that one of us moves fast in everything she does (and she’s not the one who responds to submissions…) and the other of us moves slowly, methodically, analyzing everything up and down, backward and forward (and she’s not the one creating the art…). Yet somehow that all makes perfect sense to us. Our partnership, our love, and MoonPark Review, are all magical blends of fast and slow, intuitive and analytical.

The past three months have been the most action-packed, unbelievably busy, life-altering and love-affirming of both of our lives. As Fall 2019 arrives, and with it, Issue 9, we launch into MoonPark Review’s third year, and the first where its now-married editors live in the same state and share the same roof (and it’s under construction, of course!).

To our writers and readers, to each other and the universe, to the gods (great and small) we say, let us embark on, and embrace, this new cycle of life, art, and creation, with joy.

With Love,
Mary Lynn & Lesley
Editors, MoonPark Review