Editors’ Note

March 20, 2022

Dear Friends,

Here we are again, facing the blank page at the beginning of our new issue. As we’ve said before, the page counts don’t lie – we know the readership for our Editors’ Notes is small. Yet we persistently put something here to welcome the very few loyal readers who start at the beginning of the issue and read straight through. Welcome, dearest friends, and closest family!

As we put the finishing touches on this, our 19th issue of MoonPark Review, we were struck by the threads of longing that weave through every story. Longing for those lost, those taken, for a larger meaning, to be special, or understood, to be recognized, simply remembered, or the longing for someone to be other than who they have always been.

Perhaps it is this particular moment in time, or perhaps it is a universal truth — that we all long for something, sometime, or someone.

What we know, or we relearn every quarter, is that finding stories and prose poems that move us, illustrating our contributors’ words with original art, and assembling these pages into a new issue of MoonPark Review balances some of that longing with fulfillment.

In a time when our collective hearts mourn, and too-often fill with worry and dread for what may come next, at MoonPark we feel blessed to again share our gratitude for literature and art.

We say our prayers for peace in the blossoming dawn of Spring.

Let there be more sun, and less darkness.

With Hope,

Mary Lynn & Lesley Weston-Reed
Editors, MoonPark Review