Inchworm, Inchworm

By Kenneth M. Kapp

The inchworm sat on the toadstool and looked out over the assembled crowd from the forest understory. She cleared her throat and the forest became still. “Please contemplate the following question: If dusk fell in the woods and no one was there, would the forest darken?” She sat down and when the silence persisted, crawled into a small hole on the backside of the toadstool. The sun set and the denizens of the forest dispersed while there was still light.

Kenneth M. Kapp was a Professor of Mathematics, a ceramicist, a welder, and an IBMer until downsized in 2000. He taught yoga until COVID-19 decided otherwise. He lives with his wife and beagle in Shorewood, Wisconsin and writes late at night in his man-cave. He enjoys chamber music and mysteries. He’s a homebrewer and runs whitewater rivers. Please visit

Art by Lesley C. Weston (Digital pastel, gel pen, and watercolor)

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