Peony Moon

By Kip Knott

Dear Jenny,

I tried to write you a love letter for our anniversary. I was doing really well, too. I even admitted that my love for you is sometimes too much to bear, the way the flowers of the double peonies you planted grow so suicidally large that they overpower and snap their own stems. But then I remembered how you told me that a love letter should be discreet, like moonlight beneath a cloud. And now all I can see is that damn renegade moon, translucent and full as a peony, that stole across a milk-blue sky the morning you died.


Kip Knott’s debut collection of short stories, Some Birds Nest in Broken Branches, is available from Alien Buddha Press. His most recent full-length book of poetry, Clean Coal Burn, is available from Kelsay Books. You can follow him on Twitter at @kip_knott and read more of his writing at

Art by Lesley C. Weston (Digital pen and watercolor)

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