My Thoughts Concerning Letizia

By Catherine McNamara

I was told that Letizia was an appropriate type, she was what we wished for. Given you won’t supply images I’ve had to furnish your words. Which can only be called ratty given the level of visual technology at hand. Is Letizia agile? You mentioned she did some sport – was it volleyball or tennis? – I wish you would illuminate. In case you’re wondering it’s because different muscles are highlighted, and given traction – this is something that appears on the screen. This is the art-house end of a competitive industry, I thought you realised. This is not personal. You will never lose your place. Is that what this is about?

So is there any chance you can get some shots to me? By midday? Or send me her email so I can ask for her portfolio myself? Baby, it’s not enough to know that she has an S-shaped body and her shoulders are thrown back, and her breasts are dark-tipped cones. Or that her neck is a little short and she has knock knees but this can be hidden initially by a tight skirt. That could all be good material – you’ve done your homework baby – but her hair, for example, I’m not clear on this. You said it was cropped. Cropped? What does this – for filming purposes – mean? Has it been cut savagely? Will she need a wig? I’m also not reading you with regard to skin tone. You said she was half-of-this and half-of-that, but you know yourself that these mixtures can turn out any range of caramel.  

Right now I’m trying to imagine how she moves. You know we require a walking shot along the balcony of the motel. Does she walk well? Does she know how to incorporate her ass into the architecture of her body without seeming like a tramp?

Will you be kind enough to answer me? I’m being kind here. Nothing’s at risk. Is it because I refused to rein you in that night, and perhaps it hurt? Okay I made a couple of comments, okay I said what I felt in the moment. But that was encapsulated, it’s gone. Baby, just send me the shots. I know you’ve been working on your own photos – your work is getting stronger all the time and I admire you for it. Look, I’ve only got the room another day and the guys are on my back, they want their equipment.

Is there something I’m not getting here? Is she so alluring you’ve taken her for yourself? Well that’s okay baby, that’s fine baby too. We can write that into the script. You can show me what you’ve created together and I’ll watch, I’ll collaborate with you on this. We could film tonight at the motel – any time is good – I’ll be waiting for you in the bar downstairs, the guy with the hair transplant and the cairpirinha (joking). That’s if you have the decency to turn up.

But just fill me in baby. Jesus I had a feeling it would turn out like this. You and Letizia. It’s that name, it spoke to me from the start. Does she know who I am? Don’t even dream of thinking you bitches will get away from me.


Catherine McNamara grew up in Sydney, ran away to Paris, and ended up in West Africa running a bar. Her short story collection The Cartography of Others is out with Unbound UK in early 2018. Her stories and flash fiction have been published widely. Catherine lives in Italy. Follow her @catinitaly.

Image by Lesley C. Weston

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