Last Night I Dreamed You Fed Me Box Jellyfish Salad

By Kip Knott

I knew full well that the box jellyfish’s venom is one of the deadliest in the world. That it attacks skin cells, the nervous system, and the heart. And still I gobbled up every spoonful you fed me. I relished its bitterness as it sluiced through my teeth like a gelatinous tsunami. I welcomed the numbness on my tongue that comes from the venom stored in suckered tentacles. I let the promise of a quick death fill my mouth with neurotoxins so that when I finally got the nerve to spit out that I’m done, that we’re through, my words spattered in your face and took you down, too.

Kip Knott’s writing has recently appeared in The Dillydoun Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, New World Writing, and ONE ART. His most recent book of poetry is Clean Coal Burn (Kelsay Books). More of his work may be accessed at

Art by Lesley C. Weston (Mixed Media)

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