Editors’ Note

December 21, 2018

Dear Beloved Readers,

Winter Solstice has arrived, and so it is time to open the pages of a new issue of MoonPark Review.

For centuries, the Solstice has been the occasion to celebrate Light and the return of the nurturing Sun. It is the time to fill your home with fragrant herbs, spices, and boughs of green. Time to gather family, friends, and acquaintances, and convey your love with feasts and gifts. Preparing this issue, we found ourselves rich with treasure, gifts from around the globe sent to us, in trust, by writers of unique vision and brilliance. So, now we invite you, dear readers, to share in this bountiful feast of stories and prose poems.

Issue Six of MoonPark Review explores a rich diversity of human connections — between spouses, lovers, friends, familial relations — and also, our bond with beloved old places. There is loss here, and grief, but also hope and light. And one very philosophical cat.

Whatever God or Gods you cherish, whomever you love, welcome to this literary Solstice table. Bask in the illumination of art, born in thirteen human hearts and passed to us, and now to you.

Let love overwhelm our days in the coming year, dear friends. May good health strengthen our  bones and sinew, and light shine fierce in our souls.

Warm Regards,
Mary Lynn Reed & Lesley C. Weston
Editors, MoonPark Review