Editors’ Note

December 21, 2019

Dear Friends,

Winter is upon us, again, at MoonPark. Our third winter issue comes to life in a landscape of bare branches dressed in snow, under an overcast sky. The shadows are deep, and in the woods, the world is quiet.

Two editors, one a Southerner, the other a Northerner, approach the elements from different perspectives, where one struggles with boots and rails against hats, the other has a vast collection of coats yet always loses her gloves. Whether decorating for a party or walking together in the quiet woods, one of us seeks magic, the other revels in the sparkle of lucidity.

In our front porch editorial meetings, we sometimes squabble over submissions like the sparrow and the woodpecker at the suet swinging from the iced-over feeder. But as editors, and spouses, our quibbles always resolve in a deeper appreciation of the opposing perspective. Two readers from different worlds, join together and find common ground, to see the wonder emerge clearly through the fog.

We are extremely proud of this, our 10th issue of MoonPark Review, where we bring to you thirteen beautiful pieces of prose that resonate in both of us like a harp string plucked perfectly, a burning log popping cheerily, a pair of coyote calling hunger, or love, to each other in the dark night.

This issue, these thirteen stories, explore the wonder, the pain, the joining, and the moments of separation, that form the glorious howl of humanity.

Snuggle down.
Nestle deep.
Open your heart.
Wonder at it all.

Warmest Regards,
Mary Lynn & Lesley
Editors, MoonPark Review