Editors’ Note

June 21, 2022

To our sweet little MoonPark Review On the Occasion of Your Fifth Birthday!

Five is pretty awesome! Way past an infant – when you were adorable yet a little lumpy and full of disconcerting needs. Gone too are the terrible-Twos. You aren’t a toddler anymore, earning your confidence with the words no, No, No! And we are so thankful to be past the clumsy, rash Threes – Good Grief, how did we survive Three! Let’s face it, Sweety-Pie – Four also had some late-night-rocking-chair, pace-the-floors-while-you-squeal episodes.

But Now! Gratefully (and sometimes unbelievably) you’ve made it to FIVE YEARS OLD (!!!) 

Your shape, beauty, and quirky sense of yourself, are all discernible now. Your likes and dislikes are reaching a new level of clarity – to everyone, not just your doting parents! Our need to explain your sensibility and form is nearly unnecessary at this point. We’re so proud of how you stand up and speak for yourself! We admire how you celebrate the complexities of life, your generous lean toward empathy, and your sensitivity to the deeper human conflicts. We treasure your ear for honesty, your tender heart, and your consistent embrace of clear, precise prose. 

This is the 20th issue of you, MoonPark Review, marking five full years since your parents took that fateful ‘stay-cation’ together, sitting on the back deck, sipping iced tea and conjuring the idea to merge our literary sensibilities into something we couldn’t quite yet fathom would ever be real. 

And now here you are, our dear, beloved MoonPark Review, a literary journal coming into your own, standing the test of time. You are the very best of both of us, little journal! Artistic and a bit inappropriate at times, like you-know-who (whose art has flourished and matured right along with you); and also, nerdy and oddly specific, like the other one (who makes all the pages, tends the correspondence, and keeps the train running on time).

Happy 5th Birthday, little literary journal who could. Though we might have been unsure about our abilities to shepherd you into this world, you have shown us the way. You are ours, and we are yours. And for all we have strived to give you, you have always, always given us more.

Your Loving Parents,
Mary Lynn & Lesley Weston-Reed