Editors’ Note

December 21, 2017

Dear Beloved Readers,

As we put the finishing touches on this second issue of our still-fledgling yet now-lovingly-familiar literary venture, we are filled with gratitude for the warm reception Issue One received. We were truly blown away by everyone’s kindness and enthusiasm for the MoonPark Inaugural issue, and so of course, we have felt the usual sophomore trepidation as we approached Issue Two. But oh, how our contributors have risen to the occasion! We are bursting with pride to unleash this new batch of 13 MoonParkers and share their sparkling prose gems with the world.

With the publication of our second installment, building on the foundation of Issue One, the MoonPark aesthetic is crystallizing in a way that delights us beyond what we could have imagined on that warm July afternoon when our precious quarterly was conceived. We really do deeply admire each and every piece we publish, and we want to say a special thanks to our contributors for their patience as we savor your stories over weeks or months, marrying them with artwork we hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed making.

This has been quite a year. There have been days when the insanity of the world seems to know no bounds, and it’s hard to find a glimmer of hope. But for the two of us, it has also been a year of profound personal joy. Not surprisingly, those stark juxtapositions — of tragedy and light – of pain and tenderness – find themselves reflected quite strongly in the editorial spirit of MoonPark Review.

Winter is upon us. It is cold and the nights are long. But the fireplace crackles with flame. And there are stories waiting to be shared.

Welcome to MoonPark Review Issue Two. Thank you so very much for reading these amazing writers we are so honored to feature in our pages.

Warm Regards,
Mary Lynn & Lesley