Editors’ Note

March 20, 2020

Dear Friends,

It is Spring, again, but unlike any we have experienced.

By we, of course, we mean us, the two editors of MoonPark Review, but also us — all of us, the ENTIRETY of Us — the big, beautiful and the not-so-beautiful, the kind and the mean, sloppy and tidy, generous and stingy. Us. We mean those who are the last of our generations and those who are the first of the next, the rowdy elbow-to-elbow families and the empty-nesters, the orphans and niece number twelve of eighteen.

It is Spring, again, but a Spring outside our experience.

Yet, MoonPark’s neighbor, Farmer Dave, is planting peas today. We know this because that quiet man, who often sits on our porch with a dozen words to spare and a bushel of whichever crop has ripened to offer, now sends a text every morning, asking what good news we have for the day. Reminding us that there is room in our hearts for gratitude even when a world of uncertainty frightens and isolates us.

Our news for him, this morning, was that the eggs we ate from his new hens were the best we’d had in a long time. His news was the planting of peas.

Our good news for you, dear friends, is that MoonPark Review continues, that ‘social distance’ does not  mean we are alone, and that while our in-person interactions may be curtailed, there is still Art to enjoy (and make).

We believe Art matters, and continues to remind us that there is an Entirety of Us, not just you and me, mine and ours.

Keep yourselves safe, and by extension, help all of us do the same, and while so doing, we hope you will enjoy MoonPark Review, Issue 11, Spring 2020.

With Love,
Mary Lynn & Lesley Weston-Reed
Editors, MoonPark Review