Editors’ Note

March 20, 2021


Dear Friends,

MoonPark is not just a literary journal; it is also a place — the patch of wild woods where we live, write, make art, & read. As we write this, there is still quite a bit of snow covering the forest floor at MoonPark. (One of us in a Northerner — through and through — the other, a transplanted Southerner, who has grown particularly fond of saying we have “a bit” of snow just after 18 inches or so falls…) So while we’re still steeped in the weather of winter here in the early days of March, still isolated and social distanced, we are finding our days growing more bright and hopeful. Hopeful for the green leaves and flowers we know the spring will bring, hopeful for the vaccine to be available to all soon, hopeful we’ll be embracing and visiting with our friends & family again soon, after far too long apart.

In this, our fifteenth issue of MoonPark Review, we bring you a collection of short prose both timeless and particularly rooted in our present, shared experience. There is loss & grief, danger & fear, longing & need, and always, love & hope. We are so grateful to our wonderful contributors for trusting their work to us, and we delight in bringing their words to you all.

Peace, Health, & Joy,
Mary Lynn & Lesley Weston-Reed