Editors’ Note

September 22, 2018

Dear Friends,

As we prepare the launch of this Fall issue, our fifth offering here at MoonPark Review, it is surely a sign of the times that instead of eager anticipation of nature’s richest hues and the comforting scent of baked apples and pumpkin pie, we shiver and whisper, in Ned Starkian tones, “Winter is coming.”

Yet, we wrap arms around each other and counter that grim projection by quoting Annie Proulx  who, at the National Book Festival this year, laughingly told her interviewer, “Sometimes you can’t avoid a happy ending.”

So it is with us: our days are often beleaguered, sometimes chilling, but the nights find us happy in our love of each other, and made joyous by curating and sharing the gems we discover in our inbox.

As with its predecessor volumes, MoonPark Review Issue Five is our love-offering to you, dear readers. It is our reminder that even as Fall foretells the shortening of light and cautions us to prepare for coming darkness, Art continues, undaunted.

With these stories, each created by one person for the enrichment of many, may we all be reminded of love’s ceaseless striving, of humanity’s raw beauty, of our bonds to each other and all their varieties. Yes, there is pain and suffering represented on these pages, but also, as contributor Temim Fruchter put it best: “Some kind of hope right on the other side of all this grief.”

We are excited to share the thirteen new short prose gems we’ve gathered in this Issue, and hope they provide each of you as much joy as they’ve provided us. Hold tight to the life raft of literature in these trying times, we say. And keep believing in the possibility of a happy ending.

Warmest Regards,
Mary Lynn Reed & Lesley C. Weston
Editors, MoonPark Review