Issue Eight, Summer 2019

Editors’ Note

Hot Line by Lawrence Schimel, translated (from Spanish) by Sandra Kingery

The Apocalypse Shelves by Emma Neale

Dissolve by Santino Prinzi

42 S. Deacon St. #5 by Michael Grant Smith

On the Occasion of a Dying Sheep When Everything You Know About Rural Living is Never Enough by Chila Woychik

One Minute Wonders by Phebe Jewell

Three Smokin’ Micros by Robert John Miller

Captain, My Captain by Sheree Shatsky

Of Those We Lose by Meg Sipos

The Greenhouse by Camille Clarke

The Day We Attended Our Own Funeral by Matilda Harjunpää

Thank You Letter by Mary Kane

A Date with The Scream by Neil Clark