Issue Nine, Fall 2019

Editors’ Note

It’s Only Reflected Light by Virginia Eggerton

The Fine Art of Living as a Dragon by Mileva Anastasiadou

August 1996 by Emily Costa

Truck Makes Man by John Meyers

The Hawk by Leslie Walker Trahan

Doors by Carolyn Barnard

Angels Coughing by Shadab Zeest Hashmi

There Are Things You Can Do When You Know It’s Too Late by Mary Thompson

Synonyms for Extraction by Sabrina Hicks

Excerpts from Homage to Green Tea by Ian Haight and T’ae-yong Hŏ, translating Ch’oŭi (1786-1866)

The Prominence of Her Bones by Jennifer Todhunter

The Bug Who Liked Brubeck by Julieanna Blackwell

With You by Christopher Locke